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Whether you’re just passing through our area, making a quick get-a-way for the weekend or planning an extended vacation, you can be certain that accommodations are right at the Double Eagle Lodge. Centrally located in Pulaski, New York, an abundance of activities are available for all. Enjoy the finest fishing and boating anywhere right here on the Salmon River and Lake Ontario. Hike, backpack or cross-country ski in any of our neighboring state parks; enjoy an exciting white water rafting trip down the Salmon River during the summer.
  In 1985 Jim Rusher, former proprietor of Whitakers Sport Shop located right here in Pulaski opened the Double Eagle lodge with one goal in mind, to offer sportsmen a unique lodging experience, a place to hang their waders after a fulfilling day of salmon and trout fishing. Jim’s goal was realized. In 1995 Jim sold the Double Eagle to Ralph Pomeroy who shared Jim's love for fishing and people, and for ten years, Ralph’s enormous charm created a friendly atmosphere for fisherman. 2005 brought Ralph’s retirement and Stan & Barb Pietrzyk purchased the Lodge, with a commitment to continue the high standard of customer service that was established more than twenty years ago. Today, the Double Eagle lodge enjoys a large repeat guest list which speaks for itself, Stan and Barb work hard to continue the tradition.
  Hosts: Stan & Barb Pietrzyk
  Experience “World Class” salmon and steelhead fishing on the beautiful Salmon River, Lake Ontario or
one of many nearby tributaries. The Double Eagle itself provides 400 feet of private entry right on the Salmon River providing guests with access to migrating fish.

Late summer / early fall (August, September, October) brings large runs of Chinook (King) and
Coho Salmon into the Salmon River followed closely by the prized Steelhead and Brown Trout. Minimum
of 9 wt. rods combined with large arbor reels are highly recommended for these powerful fish.

Late fall (November, & December) offer excellent Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing. Both steelhead
and brown trout are aggressively seeking out salmon eggs with egg patterns or tied egg sacs fished under a float being very effective. Again, stout rods with large line capacity reels hive the angler an advantage over powerful runs after a hook-up.

The winter months (December, January, February, and March) offer additional opportunities for Steelhead wintering over in the river and depending on weather conditions; can be superb. Anglers capable of dealing with cold temperatures, or who are lucky enough to be on hand during a warm
period can experience great steelhead fishing. Float fishing gear that include moderate / slow action
rods with a minimum length of ten feet combined with a quality center-pin or spinning reel provide an excellent presentation.

Spring time (March, April, and May) the river and tributaries awaken from their long winter sleep
with warmer water temperatures and spawning steelhead. Mid-April through Mid-May see spawned-out, hungry steelhead present in the river and tributaries. These fish can be extremely aggressive, willing
to take a host of offerings that include flies, egg sacs and a variety of live bait.

Summertime (May thru September) is for fishing Lake Ontario, trolling its deep water for Kings,
Coho, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Steelhead. Beginning in early spring, large numbers of brown trout weighing up to twenty pounds congregate along the shore line of Lake Ontario providing exceptional shallow water angling opportunities. Salmon, steelhead and lake trout are also available catches.

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